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A client’s entry into any PPP (Private Placement Programs), or their participation in Non Recourse Funding Programs are subject to many factors, including, but not limited to, the quality of the provided bank instrument presented, the client acceptability, and the program availability (they tend to fill up quickly), etc. We will do our best to keep our clients informed as to the current options and present new opportunities as they become available. Please use this as a reasonably accurate guide as to what is currently being offered. We are direct facilitators to our trade platforms in Europe.

It our belief that the purpose of PPP is not just to increase the client’s wealth, but to also create an excellent opportunity to provide for charities and to fulfill the important responsiblites of helping people that the Creator has mandated to all that are fortunate enough to possess great wealth it this world.

PPP Trade Programs are one of the most misunderstood financial services being provided today. If you are an investor, mandate, agent or broker we urge you to increase your knowledge about this type of program before entering a trade or before introducing investors to PPP. Below are a number of articles that will be helpful. Please see our links at the bottom of this page to our informative articles.

Please review our site for more information and contact us for more information.

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